Information about Medical Cannabis


The situation in Germany

A new law released March 10 2017 in Germany changed narcotics regulation drastically. It allows to provide medical cannabis to patients requiring treatment directly by doctors. DEMECAN is a German cannabis producer, founded to bring the highest quality medical cannabis products to Germany and Europe. We are driven by patient needs and work closely with doctors and pharmacists to secure and maintain the quality of all our products. Medical cannabis offers, partly due to its main component, Δ9-trans-tetrahydrocannabinol, but also many other effective compounds, the potential for a natural remedy for up to 240.000 patients in Germany. Our goal is to provide high quality medical cannabis safe, fast and reliable to patients in Germany.

Europe changes with us

Not only Germany, but many other countries in Europe have realized the potential that cannabis offers as a medical product. In every country that has provided patient-access to cannabis, the patient numbers have risen substantially over the past few years - reflecting the potential of cannabis as a medical remedy. We want to help supply cannabis to every european country that decides to provide its citizens with access to modern cannabis therapies.