DEMECAN Cultivation

DEMECAN Cultivation


DEMECAN will start the cultivation of medicinal cannabis in Germany in July 2020 in our facility close to Dresden. We will be the first and only German producer of medicinal cannabis. All of our product will adhere to highest pharmacological standards and be produced in accordance with GACP and GMP standards.

Fully Controlled Conditions

Our cannabis plants will be cultivated under complete climate control - from the first clone until the harvest. We closely monitor and regulate lighting and temperature conditions to fit our plants' needs ideally and dynamically. DEMECAN ensures through specialized filters and double-door system that no pest or spores can enter our production facility. This allows us to produce clean and natural cannabis without the use of pesticides or irradiation. We use clean and sterilized reverse osmosis water, to control the nutrients our plants need to grow.

Guaranteed Quality

The success of our production will be protected by two essential quality standards applicable to phytomedicine and pharmaceutical production: GACP and GMP.
GACP (Good Agricultural And Collection Practice) regulates how plants intended for medical use have to be cultivated. DEMECAN demands the highest quality with regard to cleanliness and production quality of all its cannabis plants and products.
GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) precisely regulates how pharmaceutical products, including phytomedical plants, have to be produced in Germany and the EU. All operation procedures and their documentation, test results and shipments to the pharmacies are tightly controlled and strictly regulated to protect our patients.

Facility Protection

Our entire facility is designed as a narcotics storage vault and access is strictly controlled - on the ground and from the air. This ensures that our cannabis is protecte against theft and can be provided consistently to our patients.