Research about medical cannabis

DEMECAN Research


Cannabis as a medicinal product can be prescribed today in Germany and many other countries. Although many studies have been conducted on the efficacy of cannabinoid treatments, a lot is still open for discovery. Almost daily new research is published on the topic. A recent review about efficacy of medical cannabis in different disorders can be found here.

Pharmaceutical form

Cannabis flowers can be used as tea or vaporized. Oils and extracts can be orally ingested as drops.

Medical surveys in Germany

All cannabis prescriptions in Germany are evaluated in a large survey organized by the German Bundesamt für Arzneimittel und Medizinprodukte. More information is available here.

Cannabis as a medical alternative

The scientifically proven efficacy of herbal medicinal products will open many new gates for cannabis as a medical substance. Not only the main ingredients of cannabis –THC and CBD– but many other substances such as terpenes can have a substantial effect on the efficacy of cannabis. DMC Pharma supports this research and evidence-based modern medical therapies emerging from it.